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Working Group planned deliverables

INCF Working Groups are composed of members working on short-term funded projects that aim to achieve a concrete deliverable. See below the current list of deliverables

Year Working group Planned Deliverables
2023 INCF/OCNS Working Group on Computational Neuroscience Software

Best practices in software development (expected 2023)

2023 INCF Working Group on Electrophysiology Stimulation Ontology
  • Prototype visualization or validation/comparison tool (expected)
    • so users can verify that the stimuli as stored in the file are as they intended
    • for archives, so stimuli can be visualized when browsing datasets
  • Draft proposal best practices for use of the ontology for archives (expected)
  • Draft proposal for extension for parameterized 2D visual stimuli (expected)
2023 INCF Working Group on Standardized Representations of Network Structures
  • Converting TVB models to equivalents in NeuroML/LEMS (expected)
  • Shared JSON based notation for network specification/generation (expected)
  • Extend NeuroML to incorporate rate based/neural mass models (expected)
  • Convert multi area cortical model to standardised format (expected)
  • Whole brain connectivity datasets in standardised formats (expected)
  • Incorporate NetPyNE UI into OSB (expected)
  • Improve interoperability of NeuroML/NineML (expected)
2023 INCF Working Group on Neuroimaging Quality Control
  • Manual for QC of neuroimaging data (expected)
  • Protocols of QC use cases (expected)
  • QC tools (expected)
2023 INCF Working Group on Standardized Data
  • Recommended directory structure and file naming convention (expected)
  • Recommended organization of the metadata (expected)
  • Specifications of file formats for the data and metadata (expected)
2023 INCF Working Group on Reproducibility and Best Practices in Human Brain Imaging
  • BIDS PET imaging specification (expected)
  • BIDS NIRS specification (expected)
  • BIDS eye-tracking specification (expected)
  • BIDS-matlab (expected)
  • Enhancement of the BIDS-starter kit (expected)


  • NI-DM IPython Notebooks (expected)
  • NIDASH Ontology (expected)
  • Developing ReproLake: NIDM metadata repository for a number of publicly-available datasets and derived data (expected ) 
  • Develop the NIDM model further: harmonized terminologies, additional tools, provenance for pipelines (expected)
2023 INCF Working Group on Cellular Neuroscience with MATLAB
  • Google Doc per sub-group conveying recommendations to MathWorks Neuroscience team of 2+ priority existing MATLAB community toolbox projects, plus important new MATLAB community toolbox project opportunities, if any
  • Google Doc conveying recommendations to MathWorks product teams of 2+ priority enhancements or issue fixes for the MATLAB and Simulink product families
  • Written recommendations of 1+ key project improvements for 2+ identified priority MATLAB community toolbox projects 
2023 INCF Working Group on NWB
  • Written recommendation documents among development groups (MatNWB, core NWB, MathWorks)
  • Written recommendations to MathWorks Neuroscience team for MatNWB community toolbox support project concept(s) (2022)
  • Establishment of curated reference collection of MatNWB DANDIset examples
2023 INCF Working Group on ARTEM-IS
  1. A human-readable template for description of a study, as would be suitable for submission as a supplementary document at the time of journal article submission, or alongside a preregistration (expected)
  2. App functionality to allow export of a completed template into the following (expected):
    1. A machine-readable data file
    2. A human-readable output
  3. App functionality to allow import of previously filled template information (e.g., Equipment fields from an equipment vendor; a research team’s standard operating procedure; expected)
  4. App-integrated ‘help’ functions (expected)
  5. Guidance to support a user in completing the template (expected)
  6. Standalone explanation & elaboration documents (expected)
  7. Training materials for researchers new to the field of EEG (expected)
2023 INCF Working Group on NIDM (NeuroImaging Data Model)
  • NeuroImaging Data Model development: further develop the model to include harmonized terminology and provenance information for pipelines and datasets (expected)
  • Develop input interfaces to save information in standardized provenance model (eg. ReproSchema) (expected)
  • Developing ReproLake: NIDM metadata representation for a number of datasets and derived data will be made available in "ReproLake" hosted by NIF (expected)
2023 INCF/OHBM Working Group on checklists from transparent methods reporting in neuroscience (eCobidas)
  • COBIDAS checklist web app (expected)
2021 INCF/OCNS Working Group on Computational Neuroscience Software
2018 INCF Working Group on Reproducibility and Best Practices in Human Brain Imaging
  • BIDS training materials (2018)