List of standards and best practices

INCF provides a library with community standards and best practices for global neuroscience

INCF endorses community standards and best practices (SBPs) for neuroscience that promote the FAIR principles, and also supports the development of new SBPs. Community members can propose existing or suggest to develop new SBPs for endorsement by INCF.

SBPs that have been endorsed by INCF can be found here.

The SBPs listed below are not INCF-endorsed, but have been developed with support from INCF:

Scalable Brain Atlas Atlasing
Waxholm Space Atlasing
Waxholm Space atlas of the Sprague Dawley rat brain Atlasing
Connection-Set Algebra Computational neuroscience
NineML Computational neuroscience
Neuroimaging Data model (NIDM) Neuroimaging
Neurodata Without Borders Neurophysiology
Common Upper Mammalian Brain Ontology (CUMBO) Ontologies
Computational Neuroscience Ontology (CNO) Ontologies
Ontology for Experimental Neurophysiology (OEN) Ontologies




Scalable Brain AtlasScalable brain atlas logo

The Scalable Brain Atlas is a fully web-based display engine for brain atlases, imaging data, and ontologies. It allows client websites to show brain region related data in a 3D interactive context and provides services to look up regions, generate thumbnails, or download nomenclature- and delineation data.




Waxholm SpaceWaxholm space logo

Waxholm Space (WHS) is a coordinate-based reference space for the mapping and registration of neuroanatomical data in the mouse brain.




Waxholm Space atlas of the Sprague Dawley rat brainWaxholm space Sprague Dawley logo

Open access volumetric atlas based on high resolution MRI and DTI, anchored to both Waxholm Space and stereotaxic space,
in ITK-SNAP and MBAT- ready formats.



Computational neuroscience

Connection-Set AlgebraConnection set algebra logo

The Connection-set Algebra (CSA) is a formalism for the description of connectivity in neuronal network models.
The algebra provides operators to form more complex sets of
connections from simpler ones and also provides parameterization of such sets.




NineMLNineML logo

NineML is a simulator independent language for unambiguous description of spiking neuronal network models that aims to facilitate model sharing, portability, and re-usability. 




Neuroimaging Data Model (NIDM)

The NeuroImaging Data Model (NIDM) is a collection of specification documents and examples that describe an extension to the W3C PROV standard for the domain of human brain mapping.




Neurodata Without Borders

The aim of Neurodata Without Borders is to standardize neuroscience data on an international scale. The goal is to break down the geographic, institutional, technological and policy barriers that impede the flow of neuroscience data to the scientific community.



OntologiesCUMBO logo

Common Upper Mammalian Brain Ontology (CUMBO)

A reference framework for classifying general mammal nervous system structures.



Computational Neuroscience Ontology (CNO)

The Computational Neuroscience Ontology (CNO) is a controlled vocabulary of terms used in Computational Neurosciences to describe models of the nervous system.


Ontology for Experimental Neurophysiology (OEN)

The Ontology for Experimental Neurophysiology (OEN) aims to create a common terminology that could support the aggregation of data from different data sharing platforms.