Detailed instructions for training seed funding submitters

INCF invites applications for seed funding in two main categories; curriculum grants and course grants. On this page you will find all the instructions needed to submit an application.

Course grants

Applicants should

Detailed explanation of what is required for each section of the application

Please contact us on if you have any more specific questions.

Lead applicant

This is the main applicant for this course. Please provide an email address and phone number in case we need additional information. Enter the name of your institution and department, and the country you are located in.

Collaborating team (public, if awarded)

Give a brief description (1500 characters including spaces) of the team which will arrange this course, including their national and institutional affiliations. If possible, also list the intended speakers or invitees, including affiliations. This will help the reviewers to evaluate whether this team can realistically manage to hold the proposed course in the given time schedule, how international collaborations are being leveraged, and how this may establish new connections within the community.

Course title

Give a brief, descriptive project title.

Abstract (public, if awarded)

In 1500 characters (including spaces), provide an abstract of your proposed course theme and goals. Please focus on what you will deliver and how, and what its impact on the field will be. Briefly describe the relevance of the course for training in neuroscience and neuroinformatics. Remember that this summary will be used as a ‘public abstract’ so please refrain from including any confidential information that you do not want to share globally.


In 1500 characters, provide one or several expected learning outcomes (list form) that your course will generate. What new skills and knowledge will the participants have after completing the course? Please be very specific to allow reviewers to adequately assess the impact of your plan.

Relevance for neuroscience and neuroinformatics communities

In 1500 characters (including spaces), explain how this course will help advance training in the field. Why is it important to hold this course now? How will the knowledge gained and/or transferred in this course benefit and drive forward the neuroinformatics and/or neuroscience communities? How does the course align with INCF’s mission and strategic objectives?

Budget and justification

You can only enter numbers into this field. Between 2000 USD and 20 000 USD is available per grant but we ask that you be as specific as possible with your budget. Under justification it is sufficient to just write the types of costs and the amounts. Provide enough information so the reviewer can judge whether this is important for the course. Please state any other funding that may contribute to this course at this time or during its future development.

For example, a proposal on hosting an international course: venue rental xxUSD, promotion xxUSD, printed material xxUSD, flights for Y people xxUSD, etc. 


  • the final payment will not exceed the awarded amount regardless of actual costs
  • budgets are expected to be realistic and modest
  • where travel expenses are included, it is expected that travel is via public transport (unless this is unavailable) and standard class air fares.


Submission is automatic when you enter information into the form. You can update your responses until the deadline, May 15th, 2018.

If your application is funded

Course applications will get 100% of funds following the award.