Funding Support for Neuroinformatics Training and Education Activities

INCF has launched a funding scheme to support the development of training materials for neuroinformatics.

Submission is now open!

Timeline for 2018
Submission deadline: May 15th, 2018
Review period: May 2018
Funding awarded: June 2018

List of funded grants in the 2017 funding cycle


Teaching neuroinformaticsThe INCF Training and Education Committee will award funding to facilitate the development of training materials that align with INCF’s mission and strategic objectives. Funding will drive forward the development of training materials, such as tutorials, demos, use of open data, and video recording of courses, and support the inclusion of neuroinformatics-related instruction in existing courses.

In this funding cycle, funds will be awarded in the following category:

  • Course Grants (expected range $2000-$20000). Funds may be used to support the inclusion of neuroinformatics lectures in existing courses (fund travel for instructors), support the video recording of existing neuroinformatics-related courses, and support the development of neuroinformatics-related training materials (tutorials, demos, etc…), as well as support the holding of in-person courses and hackathons. All materials generated under the Course Grants Funding Scheme are to be deposited in the INCF Training Materials Repository and be released with permissive licence (eg CC0).

More information and links

Detailed instructions for submitters

Training seed funding review criteria (pdf)

INCF training seed funding eligibility criteria (pdf)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I apply for?

Course Grant applications are expected to range from $2000 to $20000.

Can I include indirect costs?

No. INCF will not accept indirect costs on grants of this size.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply. All applicants must commit to sharing products from the final project, such as reports, data, code, and training materials.

What subject areas are funded?

The purpose of the funding is to facilitate community work aligned with INCF’s mission and strategic objectives.  We welcome applications from researchers in all fields related to neuroinformatics, including (but not limited to) data- and knowledge-bases of the nervous system from molecular to behavioral levels; tools for the acquisition, analysis, and visualization of nervous system data; and theoretical, computational, and simulation environments for modeling the brain.

Who will review my application?

Review is carried out by the INCF Training and Education Committee. The INCF Secretariat administers the process. Funding is awarded based on the review results. Read the INCF funding review criteria.

Can I submit more than one application?

You can submit several applications. Those that fulfill the eligibility requirements will be reviewed.

What happens after the submission?

Valid submissions enter the review process. Reviews are conducted based on funding review criteria agreed by the INCF Training and Education Committee. The INCF Secretariat awards funding according to the ranked list of proposals from the review. Awards are expected to be made in June 2018.

Submissions that do not fulfill the eligibility criteria are removed by the INCF Secretariat and applicants informed.

If your application is funded:

Course Grant applications will get 100% of funds following the award.

What is the timeline?

Submissions are open until May 15th, 2018. Reviews will be completed in May 2018. Funds are expected to be awarded in June 2018.

Where does the money come from?

Under approval from the INCF Governing Board, the funding is taken from INCF’s core funds which are contributed by the INCF Governing Member countries.

I have other questions! Who do I ask?

Please contact us on