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One Mind


Mona Hicks

Launched in 1995, One Mind is a leading international brain and mental health non-profit that is creating a world where those who face brain health challenges can build healthy, productive lives. By incentivizing a collaborative research culture that promotes open science and data sharing, and by convening the brightest minds in brain science and advocacy, One Mind continues to advance their portfolio of program initiatives that focus on accelerating scientific discoveries, scaling the implementation of those discoveries to enhance services, and transforming societal culture. Through such achievements as enrolling over 10,000 patients in innovative clinical studies and the One Mind at Work initiative that has brought supportive workplace mental health practices to over 5.3 million employees, One Mind continues to move forward towards their vision of ‘Healthy Brains for All’. Brandon Staglin, whose own mental health experiences triggered the creation of the non-profit, now serves as its President, exemplifying the opportunities that One Mind seeks to create. Learn more at

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