Prof. Daniel Wojcik in FENS CHET

Aug 28, 2018

Prof. Daniel Wojcik, former Head of the Polish Node and current member of the INCF Training and Education Committee, has been elected into FENS Committee for Higher Education and Training. Wojcik has been involved in arranging several years of the Baltic-Nordic School of Neuroinformatics, and follows the Finnish Node’s Marja-Leena Linne who earlier served two terms on CHET.

“Election to FENS CHET is a great honor and opportunity”, says Wojcik. “Coming from neuroinformatics and computational neuroscience I will particularly want to focus on these aspects of the field in my work within the committee. I am deeply convinced that mathematization of biology in general and neuroscience in particular is inevitable and the role of computational approaches will grow faster than other technical aspects of the field. It is thus critical to promote them within all aspects of traditional neuroscience training, but we must also train highly technical cadre, well grounded in physics and engineering approaches, with solid understanding of brain functioning. To advance these important goals we will want to work with all partners who share them, and who want to work with us, within Europe and globally, such as INCF, OCNS, etc. In particular, I am looking forward to collaboration with the INCF Training and Education Committee, which has been supporting these efforts from the neuroinformatics side.”

The INCF Secretariat looks forward to increased collaboration with FENS, and effort on integrating neuroinformatics into young researcher’s training.