World Brain 2017

Welcome to the conference World Brain 2017 - Harmonization of data standards and infrastructure for the international brain initiatives

Date: October 17-18, 2017
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue: Nobel forum, Nobels väg 1, Karolinska institutet


Neuroscience researchers can now collect enormous amounts of data on brain function in many species and large-scale brain initiatives have increased this capacity even more. The challenge of neuroinformatics is to integrate this information across all levels of neuroscience.

Join us for this conference where we bring together representatives from the international brain initiatives to discuss common data standards and tools which allow scientists to use big data to answer their research questions.

Registration for the open meeting on October 18 will open in August, 2017. Check back for details here.

Preliminary schedule

October 17

Closed meeting at the INCF Secretariat where the invited speakers will discuss brain initiatives and make strategic decisions and action plans. Accomplished results will be presented at the public meeting.

October 18

Public meeting at Nobel Forum, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

Introduction and INCF - Jeanette Hellgren-Kotaleski, Sweden

Introduction to global brain initiatives - Maryann Martone, USA

  • Japan BrainMINDS - Yoko Yamaguchi, Japan
  • China Brain - Mu-Ming Poo, China
  • Australian Brain Initiative - Gary Egan, Australia
  • EU Human Brain Project - Katrin Amunts, Germany
  • US BRAIN Initiative - Maryann Martone, USA
  • Canadian Brain project - Alan Evans, Canada


The 3 Grand Challenges facing neuroscience - Joshua T Vogelstein, USA

Grand Challenge 1:
  • Allen Brain Atlas - Lydia Ng, USA
  • Human Connectome Project - David Van Essen, USA
  • Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives - Alan Evans, Canada

Roundtable: How to meet Challenge 1

Grand Challenge 3:
  • Center-TBI - David Nelson, Sweden
  • Dementia Platform UK - Claire Mackay, UK

Roundtable: How to meet Challenge 3

Concluding Roundtable: Collaboration and future steps


Local Scientific Committee

Professor Jeanette Hellgren-Kotaleski - Head of INCF Swedish Node
Linda Lanyon PhD CEng CITP MBCS - INCF Executive Director
Professor Maryann Martone - Chair of CTSI
Mathew Birdsall Abrams, PhD MPH - Head of Science and Training, INCF
Professor Sten Grillner - INCF Special Advisor

Nobel forum

Nobel forum at Karolinska institutet