Meet us at conferences

Meet INCF staff and community at these international conferences in 2018:

  • Peer Review Conference, Chevy Chase, US, 7-9 February. Helena Ledmyr represents INCF.
  • Sage Assembly, Seattle, US, 20-22 April. Helena Ledmyr represents INCF.
  • OHBM Annual Meeting, Singapore, June 25 - 29. Demo session is sponsored by INCF, Mathew Abrams is present.
  • FENS, Berlin, Germany, July 14 - 18. Linda Lanyon, Helena Ledmyr, & Mathew Abrams represent INCF, find us in booth #15.
  • Neuroinformatics 2018, Montréal, Canada, August 9-10. INCF's annual conference on neuroinformatics. Helena Ledmyr, Mathew Abrams, Malin Sandström, and Louise Erixon represent INCF.
  • Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, San Diego, USA, November 3-7. INCF hosts a booth. Helena Ledmyr, Mathew Abrams, and Louise Erixon represent INCF.