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We host and moderate a mailing list for the global neuroinformatics community.

The mailing list is intended to support community interaction within and across all neuroscience fields where data are generated and analyzed; such as experimental neuroscience, clinical neuroscience, neuropsychology, bioinformatics with a neuroscience component, modeling at all levels of abstraction, supercomputing infrastructure and data science.

You are welcome to use this list to announce your job openings, conferences and courses.

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Please read the postings policy. Suitable postings include, but are not limited to:

  • Issues in neuroscience data integration including data sharing, atlases, ontologies and modeling
  • Announcements of meetings, job openings and special issues
  • Release announcements of software tools for neuroscience data analysis, visualization, modeling and simulation
  • Collaborative neuroscience research tools and infrastructure
  • Open access data, reproducible results and publications
  • Big data analytics in neuroscience
  • Scientific queries, discussions and calls for expertise