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The INCF network serves as a forum to collaboratively coordinate global neuroinformatics activities that guide and oversee the development and endorsement of standards and best practices, as well as provide training on how standards and best practices facilitate reproducibility and enables the publishing of the entirety of research output, including data and code

INCF network

The role of the national nodes is to contribute to INCF’s federated, global neuroinformatics infrastructure through the development of tools, infrastructure, and expertise, as well as provide training opportunities in neuroinformatics and promote neuroinformatics as a discipline within the national nodes.

The INCF network serves as a forum for members of the national nodes to take stock of their efforts and resources to leverage and align these to maximize efficiency and increase the impact of their outputs, utilizing existing mechanisms where possible or creating new ones where necessary.

Special Interest Groups are composed of users and developers from across the INCF network working collaboratively to develop, refine, and/or implement community standards. Working Groups are composed of SIG members working on short-term funded projects that aim to achieve a concrete deliverable.

INCF partners provide financial, scientific, or organizational support to the development and implementation of standards and best practices, the promotion of INCF resources and activities, and by raising awareness of neuroinformatics as a scientific discipline.

The governing councils of the INCF network are composed of representatives from the members and represent the thought leadership of the network. The councils are responsible for setting the priorities of the network in terms of science, training, and infrastructure, and develop the strategic vision.

The Secretariat is the central facility of the INCF network that works internationally through the members to harmonize national and regional neuroinformatics efforts. It promotes international collaboration for the development and implementation of standards and best practices.