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INCF collaborates with international partners in projects aiming to advance and facilitate global brain research

KnowledgeSpace is a community encyclopaedia that links brain research concepts with data, models and literature from around the world. It is an open project and welcomes participation and contributions from members of the global research community. KnowledgeSpace has been developed with support from the Human Brain Project, and builds on a vocabulary service, populated with an integrated set of neuroscience ontologies with initial content coming from the Neuroscience Lexicon (NeuroLex), and the Brain Architecture Management System (BAMS). It links to an expanding set of data sources through the Neuroscience Information Framework(NIF) federated search infrastructure.


The International Brain Initiative, a consortium of researchers working on brain initiatives around the world, was established in recognition of the fact that the individual initiatives are engaged in an effort so large and complex that even with the unprecedented efforts and resources from public and private enterprise, no single initiative will be able to tackle the challenge to better understand the brain. The initial members of the consortium include the U.S. BRAIN Initiative, the E.U. Human Brain Project, the Korea Brain Project, the Japan Brain/MINDS Project, Israel Brain Technologies, and the Australian Brain Alliance. The Consortium is coordinated by the Kavli Foundation, assisted by INCF, the Australian Brain Alliance, and IBRO

The Collaborative European NeuroTrauma Effectiveness Research in TBI project (CENTER-TBI) aims to improve the care for patients with TBI and identify the most effective clinical interventions for managing TBI. The project is part of the large global initiative, the International Initiative for Traumatic Brain Injury Research (InTBIR), which  currently has ongoing projects in Europe, the US and Canada. INCF is the lead coordinator for the development of standards and development and deployment of the informatics platform in close cooperation with OneMind and partners in the CENTER-TBI consortium.

BigNeuron is a community effort coordinated by The Allen Institute for Brain Science that aims to define and advance state-of-the-art of single neuron reconstruction. The project has been successful with more than 28 tracing methods ported, and 35,000+ neuron images collected worldwide. The original target of generating 0.5 millions of neuron reconstructions has been well surpassed as more than 1.2 millions of reconstructions have been generated. During 2015-16, INCF has co-sponsored the hackathon activities. 

Neurodata without Borders – Cellular Neurophysiology initiative aims to produce a unified data format for cellular-based neurophysiology data based on representative use cases. INCF is one of the project's supporters, together with the Kavli Foundation, General Electric, Janelia Farm, the Simons Foundation, and the Allen Institute for Brain Science. Many members of the former INCF Electrophysiology Task Force of the INCF Program on Standards for Data Sharing have participated in the NWB initiative.