INCF SIG on brain imaging informatics

This SIG will coordinate interactions between researchers within the brain imaging field.

Contact info



Jean Baptiste Poline (Co-chair) University of California, Berkeley, USA
Dave Kennedy (Co-chair) University of Massachusetts, USA
Yaroslav Halchenko Dartmouth College, Hanover, USA
Satrajit S. Ghosh Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
Jessica A. Turner Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA
Maryann Martone University of California, San Diego, USA
Krzysztof Gorgolewski Stanford University, USA
Karl Helmer Massachusetts General Hospital, USA
Tibor Auer Royal Holloway University of London, UK
Tom Nichols University of Warwick, UK
Camille Maumet University of Warwick, UK
Samir Das Montreal Neurological Institute, Canada
Tristan Glatard Montreal Neurological Institute, Canada


About this SIG

This SIG will try to coordinate and foster interactions between researchers interested in advancing efficiency, collaboration, open science, and reproducibility within the brain imaging field. As many projects in this field (eg BIDS, NIDM, etc) have possible interactions, we propose to maintain an already active communication channel between the different actors and projects to help coordinate our efforts, specify areas of need, exchange information, minimize redundant application for funding, collaborate on projects, foster better training in this domain, help to make the development and successes in brain imaging informatics visible to the neuroscience and clinical communities.

Goals and outcomes

We anticipate that the SIG will organize and participate to workshops, meetings and hackathon (liaising with the Open Science OHBM SIG and the brainhack events). The SIG will also provide to developers tools and libraries. The SIG may also produce white papers and recommendations. We will have meetings bi-annually alongside relevant conferences attended by many of the members. We will have regular Google hangout meetings to remain in sync throughout the year setting specific milestones ahead of our bi-annual meetings.