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Brain Summit 2018

Brain Summit 2018 aimed to identify the overlaps, gaps, and opportunities for alignment, particularly in relation to clinical data use cases to identify concrete steps that INCF can take to facilitate the alignment of the large-scale brain initiatives in support of clinical data

Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function

BRAIN Initiative, Human Brain Project, Brain/MINDS, Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform

Two large-scale, European traumatic brain injury projects: CENTER-TBI (Collaborative European Neurotrauma Effectiveness Research in TBI) and CREACTIVE (Collaborative Research on Acute Traumatic Brain Injury in Intensive Care Medicine in Europe)

Since its inception in 2018, two INCF Brain Summits have been held, and a 3rd is scheduled for 2020. Each INCF Brain Summit is focused around a thematic area: Brain Summit 2018 focused on the alignment of the large-scale brain initiatives in support of clinical data, while Brain Summit 2019 focused on the challenges and opportunities for using digital brain atlases to integrate the data produced by the large-scale initiatives. Notable outcomes from the INCF Brain Summit series include: i. Refinement of the International Brain Initiative (IBI) inventory of large-scale brain projects survey to include questions about the standards and ontologies employed by their respective tools and infrastructures, ii. the establishment of a working group on quality control and data curation for neuroimaging data that works in association with a similar International Initiative for Traumatic Brain Injury Research (InTBIR) working group, iii:  an ontology framework for describing digital atlases that allows proper versioning of nomenclatures and coordinate systems.