GSoC Projects 2017

We participated as a mentoring organization in 2017, as our 7th consecutive year, with 15 projects proposed and mentored by our Nodes and international community. 13 of these were completed.

Active Segmentation Toolbox for ImageJ
Student: Mukesh Gupta, India
Mentor: Dimiter Prodanov, Belgium

Conversion of a large scale hippocampal network model to NeuroML
Student: András Ecker, Switzerland
Mentor: Padraig Gleeson, UK

G-Node: odML Library and Editor
Student: Shubham Dighe, India
Mentors: Jan Grewe, Achilleas Koutsou & Michael Sonntag, Germany

Image processing with ImageJ (segmentation of high-resolution images)
Student: Siddharth Yadav, India
Mentor: Bradly Alicea, OpenWorm

In-memory Compression for Neuroscience Applications: Blue-Brain Neuromapp Research & Implementation
Student: Devin Bayly, US
Mentors: Timothée Ewart, Francesco Cremonesi & Fabien Delalondre, Switzerland

Model completion dashboard
Student: Shubham Singh, India
Mentor: Stephen Larson, OpenWorm

TVB - Modernize visualizers
Student: Dan Pop, Romania
Mentor: Lia Domide, Romania

Adding MPI support to GeNN
Student: Mengchi Zhang, US
Mentors: Jamie Knight & Thomas Nowotny, UK

Distributed EEG data storage and processing using Apache Hadoop and Spark
Student: Dorian Beganovich, Netherlands
Mentors: Petr Ježek & Roman Mouček, Czech Republic

GPU implementations for MOOSE
Student: Micky Droch, India
Mentors: Dilawar Singh & Upinder Bhalla, India

Implementing support for numerical integration with GSL in the Brian simulator
Student: Charlee Fletterman
Mentors: Dan Goodman, UK & Marcel Stimberg, France

Integrating CBS Tools in the Nipy community
Student: Julia Huntenburg, Germany
Mentors: Pierre-Louis Bazin & Chris Steele, Germany

Speeding up functional network analysis on fMRI data with distributed, in-memory computation using Apache Spark
Student: Aldo Camargo, Belgium
Mentor: Eric Tatt Wei Ho, Malaysia & Epifanio Bagarinao, Japan