GSoC Projects 2016

We participated as a mentoring organization in 2016, for our 6th consecutive year, with 13 projects proposed and mentored by our Nodes and international community.

GSoC 2016 student Devin Bayly with INCF's Malin Sandström and Chris Fitzpatrick in the INCF booth at SfN 2016 in San Diego

GSoC 2016 student Devin Bayly with INCF's GSoC team Malin Sandström and Chris Fitzpatrick

Building cortical network models in NeuroML2 using procedural and declarative programming approaches 
Student: Rokas Stanislovas, UCL, UK
Mentor: Padraig Gleeson, UCL, UK

Image Search for Brain Maps
Student: Asier Erramuzpe, BioCruces Health Research Institute, Spain
Mentor: Chris Gorgolewski, Stanford, US

Implementation of a HDF5 export/import to EEGBase
Student: Ipsita Samal, BITS Pilani, India
Mentor: Petr Ježek, U. of West Bohemia, Czech Republic

Importing and exporting simulator-independent model-descriptions with the Brian simulator
Student: Dominik Krzemiński, Nencki Institute, Poland
Mentor: Marcel Stimberg, INSERM, France

Modifying the current neuroshare to hdf5 converter to use the NIX format instead
Student: Abhay Chaturvedi, IIT Varanasi, India
Mentor: Christian Kellner, LMU Munich, Germany

Modular Machine Learning and Classification Toolbox for ImageJ
Student: Sumit Vohra, KU Leuven, Belgium
Mentor: Dimiter Prodanov, IMEC, Belgium

Optimization of neural network simulator via parallelisation
Student: Wenyan Hu, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Mentor: Marmaduke Woodman, INS, France

Qt5 in, an open system for alternative communication
Student: Bartosz Jura, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
Mentor: Mateusz Kruszynski, Titanis, Poland

Adding OpenCL support to GeNN
Student: Shailesh Tripathi, IIT Varanasi, India
Mentor: Thomas Nowotny, U Sussex, UK

The Virtual Brain Project #2: Improving Parameter Space Exploration Tool
Student: Devin Bayly, U Arizona, US
Mentor: Lia Domide, Codemart, Romania

Towards Support for Reverse Engineering of Neural Circuits and Non-Linear Dimensionality Reduction in Fovea and PyDSTool
Student: Daniel McNeela, UC Berkeley, US
Mentor: Robert Clewley, Georgia State U, US

ZeroMQ-based distributed messaging system in the OpenBCI brain­-computer interface framework
Student: Aleksiej Chrabrow, U Warsaw, Poland
Mentor: Mateusz Kruszynski, Titanis, Poland

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