GSoC projects 2011

In 2011 INCF participated for the first time and was awarded stipends for two projects 

Build a continuous integration infrastructure to improve the accessibility and quality of neuroinformatics code

Create a CI infrastructure and set it up to provide complete build services for one particular neuroinformatics project (NEST). Implementation would be such that further projects can be added by writing appropriate glue code, maintenance of the build slaves is automated, self-documenting and reproducible. A research question would be whether a compile farm can be provided using the same configuration of slaves (1) and if NEST can be built in parallel (2).
Student: Yury Zaytsev, PhD student at the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, Freiburg, Germany
Mentors: Abigail Morrison and Jochen Eppler from the NEST Initiative and Raphael Ritz from the INCF Secretariat. 

Web-based viewer for multi-channel times series data

An application that allows scientists to cleanly represent views of their data in a pure python class and a javascript library to display and alter plots of this data with support for zoom/pan, multiple time-series plotting and ajax loading of new data.
Student: Dipanjan Mukherjee, undergraduate student of Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India,
Mentor: Andrey Sobolev from the German INCF Node and the INCF Data sharing Task Force (electrophysiology)