Google Season of Docs 2019

Fostering open source collaboration with technical writers

Inspired by the success of Google Summer of Code, Google is offering a pilot Google Season of Docs (GDocs) in 2019, for the first time ever. In GDocs, open source projects suggest project ideas for technical writers to join up with them and produce technical documentation for their projects.

INCF has been accepted as one of 50 mentoring organizations, with mentors from our community. Our project ideas list is here, and our participating mentors come from the global OpenWorm project and the UK Turing Institute.

Update August 6, 2019: INCF has been assigned two technical writer stipends. Mentors from the Canadian LORIS project will work with Alexandra Knoll to improve LORIS documentation with tutorials and how-to guides, using language and design that is friendly and accessible. Mentors from OpenWorm will work with Casper.dcl to improve, refine, and amend up to 8-years-out-of-date documentation and to create a new version of

If you are a technical writer, and interested in working with one of our mentors, please join the GDocs information email list and read the guides on the Google Season of Docs webpage. We plan to participate again in 2020, if Google decides to repeat the program. If you have a project and are interested in mentoring a technical writer, please notify us. 

If you have any questions, please contact:

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