Google Summer of Code

INCF has participated as a mentoring organization since 2011. This activity facilitates the introduction of student developers into the neuroinformatics community.

We are a mentoring organization in GSoC 2019! Here is our list of projects 
If you have questions about projects or GSoC in general, please contact us on ​​​​​​​

From a modest start in 2011 with 2 projects, in 2018 we had 17 projects approved, from a large "project pool" of ideas submitted by our community. 16 of our students successfully completed their projects. That corresponds to more than three full person-years of code development! But the point of GSoC is not only coding - it is also about joining a community. Several of our GSoC project students have gone on to internships or other projects within their project or the wider INCF community.


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What can be accomplished in GSoC?

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