INCF SIG on Reproducibility and Best Practices in Human Brain Imaging

This SIG has task forces developing tools and formats for neuroimaging data.

This SIG formed from a handful of earlier INCF SIGs, all working in the areas of neuroimaging and reproducibility. The SIG aim is to collect, compile, synthesize and distribute information from task forces working on separate projects but with reproducibility in neuroimaging as an overarching theme.

Jean-Baptiste Poline, McGill, Canada
Krzysztof Gorgolewski, Stanford University, USA
David Kennedy, University of Massachusetts, USA

Task forces:

Meetings planned in 2018
The SIG meet at OHBM (June 17-21, Singapore) and Neuroinformatics 2018 (August 8-10, Montréal).

Meeting report - BIDS Working Group meeting in August 2018
The Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) Special Interest Group met in Montreal on August 8th for a participant-led discussion of several ongoing initiatives in the BIDS community. In particular, current BIDS extension proposals (BEPs) for Common Electrophysiological Derivatives [BEP021] and Quantitative MRI [BEP001]--alongside the continuing improvement of user-focused documentation--were identified as topics of interest. Community members are continuing these discussions on the BIDS mailing list, and anyone interested in taking part is strongly encouraged to join the conversation!

Contact info

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