Call for community proposals for Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings

INCF is calling for community proposals for Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings to be held in Montréal on August 8, 2018, the day before the Neuroinformatics Congress. The call is open both to new and existing INCF SIGs.

SIGs meeting in Montréal should aim to form one or more working groups and work toward suggestions of new standards and best practices. INCF will support the groups with meeting logistics at INCF-associated meetings during the upcoming year, and offers SIGs and their working groups the possibility to apply for targeted seed funding for their standards and best practices-related projects and activities. 

Please submit your proposals for SIG meeting themes no later than May 7 to Malin Sandström. Note that the submitter is assumed to also be the meeting leader, unless otherwise stated.

From January 2018 onward, INCF is refocusing its mission to more clearly promote the creation and uptake of standards and best practices in neuroscience, as applied to tools and infrastructure, and to set up an endorsement process for new and existing standards and best practices. SIGs have an important role in this process, as community-initiated groups where users and developers can meet to align interests, set up working groups and work collaboratively to develop, refine, and implement new community standards and best practices to be proposed for endorsement. The SIGs also serve as the focus for getting agreement and community buy-in on the use of these standards and best practices.