Call for community review of BIDS


BIDS is a standard for organizing and describing MRI data sets, that uses file formats compatible with existing software, unifies the majority of practices already common in the field, and captures the metadata necessary for most common data processing operations.  

The 1st standard has been submitted for endorsement by INCF and we are now seeking your feedback on whether the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) should be endorsed as an INCF standard. We welcome your feedback through the INCF F1000 channel or this Google doc by October 31st. There you will also find the full submission document. In this blog post by Maryann Martone, you can read about the "The importance of community feedback in the INCF standards and best practices endorsement process"

INCF endorsed badge


INCF provides a community platform for promoting and supporting efforts to move global neuroscience towards the FAIR principles through the creation and, more importantly, the adoption of standards and best practices (SBPs) for how different types of data should be acquired, organized and published. Towards this end, INCF has adopted a formal procedure, based on those used by national and international standards bodies like the W3C, to allow the neuroscience community to review and endorse SBPs for neuroscience. This procedure will help collate information on available SBPs, but also provide a mechanism whereby these are formally evaluated to make sure they are able to be used and meet the needs of the neuroscience community.