INCF at SfN 2016

INCF will be present at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, San Diego, November 12 - 16.

Come visit us in booth #4112

As usual we are co-located with several other neuroinformatics exhibitors:

We will host community demos during Sunday-Tuesday (see schedule below). On Wednesday Nov 16 we will host demos of work done at the Nov 10-12 Brainhack LA. Contact for more information.

This SfN also marks the pilot release of KnowledgeSpace, a community encyclopedia developed by us, NIF, BBP and HBP.  It is an open project and we welcome participation and contributions from members of the global research community.  It will be demoed in the NIF booth (#4115) just across the aisle from INCF. If you want to be involved, come talk to us or send an email to


The SfN-sponsored neuroinformatics social

Sunday November 13, at 6:45-8:45 PM at Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina: Grand Ballroom 13

This year's theme is connectomics: A web of interconnecting connectomes! Interested in macro-, meso-, or micro-connectivity? Synaptomes and projectomes might not be scale-free networks, but it's still a small-world: from electron microscopy to resting state fMRI, neuroinformatics can help! Join us for a pleasant evening to find and recommend the latest resources, tools, datasets, and standards. Don't miss this opportunity to network with connectomics leaders, connect with network experts, and start new collaborations!

Chair: Giorgio Ascoli. Guests will include: Arthur W Toga, David C Van Essen, Hongkui Zeng, James L Olds, Jinny Kim, Joshua T Vogelstein, Andreas S Tolias, Partha P Mitra, Ann-Shyn Chiang, and Olaf Sporns.

The INCF US Node social

Monday November 14, 8:00-9:30 PM at the Tipsy Crow in the Gaslamp district.

Organized by the INCF Secretariat with NIF, SciCrunch and GigaScience. Maryann Martone and Cameron Craddock will give short presentations on reproducibility in neuroscience.

Guests will include: everyone! Long time community members may remember our fantastic social held there during SfN 2010. You don't want to miss this.

INCF Booth demo program


9:30-11:15 NeuroExpresso and NeuroElectro: cell-type specific databases for gene expression and neuron electrophysiology (S. Tripathy, O. Mancarci, L. Toker, P. Pavlidis)
11:15-13:00 Spatial integration of vectorial and associated image data  (P. Varsanyi, P. Gombkoto, J. Reep and L. Zaborszky)
13:30-15:15 OpenWorm: Pivoting open science from infrastructure to discovery (S. Larson)
15:15-17:00 NeuronUnit: data-driven model validation for computational neuroscience (R. C. Gerkin, J. Birgiolas, R. Jarvis, K. Dai, S. Crook)
9:30-11:15 Discovering neuronal interactions, models and properties by browsing microcircuits in multiple spatial scales (L. N. Marenco, R. Wang, R. A. McDougal, F. Cavarretta, M. Surles-Zeigler, T. M. Morse, M. Migliore, N. T. Carnevale, M. L. Hines, P. Miller, G. M. Shepherd)
11:15-13:00 Hands-on interactive live demos of NeuroMorpho.Org and (R. Armananzas, G. A. Ascoli, D. W. Wheeler)
13:30-15:15 Construction of the Marmoset Brain Map in Brain/MINDS (Brain/MINDS Database Council, RIKEN BSI)
15:15-17:00 J-Node Neuroinformatics Platforms: I Translational medicine and recent innovations, II Mouse Phenotype Database (S. Kakei, K. Takao, Y. Morii)
9:30-11:15 The Virtual Brain PSE: Advances in Parameter Exploration Viewer for full human brain simulations (D. Bayly, L. Domide)
11:15-13:00 Neuronify: An educational app for simulation of neural circuits (S.A. Dragly, M. Hobbi Mobarhan, A. V. Solbrå, S. Tennøe, H. P. Langtangen, A. Malthe-Sørenssen, M. Fyhn, T. Hafting, G. T. Einevoll)
13:30-15:15 Data management and data sharing made easy - tools and infrastructure (C. Kellner, A. Stoewer, M. Sonntag, A. Koutsou, A. Sobolev, C. Garbers, J. Grewe, T. Wachtler)
15:15-17:00 Waxholm Space (J. Gee)