INCF Secretariat

Karolinska institutet

Phone: +46 8 524 87 093
Fax: +46 8 524 87 094

Karolinska Institutet
Nobels väg 15 A
SE-171 77 Stockholm

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From Arlanda International Airport
Arlanda Express
Airport buses (stop at Karolinska Institutet main entrance, Solnavägen 1, Solna)

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Press contact

Malin Sandström
Office +46 8 524 87491

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Linda Lanyon
Linda Lanyon
INCF Executive Director
Maryann Martone

Maryann Martone
INCF Governing Board Chair


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Secretariat staff

Linda Lanyon, Ph.D. CEng CITP MBCS

Executive Director
Office +46 8 524 869 19
CEO for the organization
Manager of the INCF Secretariat 
Linda Lanyon

Mathew Birdsall Abrams, Ph.D. MPH

Deputy Director, Science and Training
Office +46 8 524 870 12
Secretary, Neuroinformatics Congress Program Committee

Secretary, Council for Training, Science and Infrastructure

Secretariat representative, Training and Education Committee
Project manager, KnowledgeSpace
Mathew Birdsall Abrams

Louise Erixon

Communications Support Officer
Office +46 8 524 870 93

HR coordination
Web portal manager and web master

Louise Erixon

Chris Fitzpatrick, M.Sc.

Infrastructure Developer
Office +46 8 524 852 65
Cloud systems engineer
Infrastructure coordinator
Web portal development
Chris Fitzpatrick

Carola Järlebrant

Financial and Administrative Assistant
Financial administration
Carola Järlebrant

Lotta Johansson, M.Sc.

Community Support Officer
Lotta Johansson

Helena Ledmyr, Ph.D.

Deputy Director, Development and Communications
Office +46 8 524 870 35
Management of strategic collaborations, development initiatives, communications, and NPRC
Secretary of the Governing Board 

Helena Ledmyr

Henrik Lindström

Financial Accountant
Office +46 8 524 881 42
Financial management and accounting
Henrik Lindström

Malin Sandström, Ph.D.

Community Engagement Officer
Office +46 8 524 874 91
INCF Nodes contact
Community engagement and coordination
GSoC coordination

Malin Sandström

TBI project staff

Visakh Muraleedharan, M.Sc.

Bioinformatics Systems Integrator
Office +46 8 524 874 28
Systems integration engineer, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Visakh Muraleedharan

Pradeep George, MBA

Traumatic Brain Injury Project Manager
Office +46 8 524 870 04
Project manager: CENTER-TBI, KnowledgeSpace, NeuroBot, NeuroStars, DAQCORD
Technical lead: TrainingSpace, INCF Portal, IBI website
Pradeep George

Affiliated researchers

Mikael Djurfeldt, Ph.D.

Neuroinformatics Researcher
Office +46 8 524 870 83
Mikael Djurfeldt

Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski, Ph.D.

Professor at Royal Institute of Technology and Karolinska Institutet
Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski


Sten Grillner, MD, Ph.D.

Professor at Karolinska Institutet. INCF Special Advisor
Sten Grillner