Support INCF

Hundreds of millions of people in the world suffer from some kind of neurological disease: 50 million people have epilepsy; 62 million are affected by cerebrovascular disease; 326 million people suffer from migraine; 24 million are affected by Alzheimer disease and other dementias (WHO, "Neurological disorders - public health challenges", 2006).

Neuroscience research is dependent on a wide range of methods for understanding how the brain works. Such research include computer modeling, imaging techniques, and other methods which generates enormous amounts of data.

In order to fully utilize these large data sets, researchers need access to infrastructure, including physical resources (computer grids); standards for data and experiments; and structures for collaboration.

INCF was founded by the OECD for this purpose, and strives to achieve tools for facilitating neuroscience research worldwide.

INCF is mainly supported by the membership fees from its member countries, in addition to a grant from the Swedish Research Council.

Future development initiatives include support in the form of cloud space, computing hardware, congress sponsorships and philantropic opportunities.

One of our most valuable forms of support is the time spent by our Program members on the different Task Forces.