Projects and activities

INCF is currently managing or participating in a number of collaborative projects to develop tools and other resources for neuroscience researchers. We also organize a neuroinformatics congress, Nodes workshops, and participate in other neuroscience conferences and events.

Congress on Neuroinformatics

INCF organizes an annual congress on neuroinformatics, wich includes keynotes, workshops, and a poster/demo session with research from fields related to neuroinformatics, including data- and knowledge-bases of the nervous system from molecular to behavioral levels; tools for the acquisition, analysis, and visualization of nervous system data; and theoretical, computational, and simulation environments for modeling the brain.

INCF network

Participants at Neuroinformatics 2014

Nodes workshops

INCF arranges Nodes workshops twice yearly, to increase networking and collaboration between our Nodes, and facilitate communication between the Nodes and the Secretariat.


INCF offers an annual two-day short course in neuroinformatics, held in conjunction with the Neuroinformatics Congress.The course provides an overview of a wide range of topics by leading experts in the field. Watch videos on YouTube from the short course "Introduction to Neuroinformatics"

Tools, standards and other resources

INCF develops and supports products and services that facilitate neuroscience research. These tools solve problems such as lack of standards or limitations imposed by incompatibilities between commonly used tools. 

Google Summer of Code

For the 6th consecutive year INCF is participating as a mentor organization for Google Summer of Code, a program that offers students stipends to write code for open source projects.

Collaborative projects

INCF is also involved in a number of collaborative projects together with organizations such as One Mind, the CENTER-TBI consortium,  Kavli FoundationGeneral ElectricJanelia Farm, and Allen Institute for Brain Science

Previous projects

In the past 10 years, the work of the INCF scientific programs and its task forces has delivered a number of tools and resources for the neuroscience community.