INCF is evolving

In response to developments and challenges of current neuroscience research, INCF is evolving into a more agile organization during 2016. Our mission is to advance and support global collaborative brain research, and we are proud to provide tools and resources for our community to this aim.

In 2016, INCF transitioned its scientific Programs to Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that are to be initiated and implemented by the community and supported by the Secretariat. A collaborative web-based platform will be available for the SIGs. We provide seed funding for projects that address demonstrable neuroscience use cases and have strong community support.

We will continue to deliver value to neuroscience education, and, working with our partners, extend the global impact of our educational endeavours. Responding to the demand for neuroinformatics training in the emerging data-intensive era of neuroscience, INCF will be a leader in the development, integration, and provision of training and educational resources in neuroinformatics.

The aim of the new structure is to expand the core community and offer our services and resources to neuroscientists worldwide, to be responsive to new projects and changes in the domain, and to ensure that delivered products have real impact in the neuroscience community.