INCF scientific workshops

Between 2006 and 2013, the INCF organized 22 scientific workshops on various topics, such as technical issues related to neuroscience databasing, tool development, and modeling of the nervous system


INCF Program on Standards for Data Sharing: New perspectives on workflows and data management for the analysis of electrophysiological data
Aim: The presentations and discussions of the workshop focused on three major issues related to workflows in electrophysiology: (i) the development of data structures and software libraries that enable interfacing of data from various sources and integration of methods for data manipulation and analysis, (ii) documentation and provenance tracking solutions to support reproducible analysis processes able to cope with the required levels of flexibility and data size, and (iii) workflow management systems that allow automatic and extensible processing of complex analysis workflows, in particular on high performance computers.
Jülich, Germany, 5 - 6 December 2013 
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INCF Program on MSM: Workshop on Methods in Bridging Sub-cellular and Cellular Level Models
Aim: This workshop focused on specific use cases with sub-cellular geometries and models to determine the requirements for connecting model building and simulation environments to atlases and databases presenting data on sub-cellular and cellular anatomy.
La Jolla, USA, 4 - 5 October, 2013

INCF Program on DBA: Towards a Multi-modal Human Brain Atlas
Aim: Assess the current state of the human brain mapping field and atlas generation to determine the requirements and challenges to the development of a multi-modal human brain atlas.  
Seattle, Washington, United States, June 14 - 15, 2013    
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INCF/One Mind for Research Workshop on Genetic Disease Models of Psychiatric and Neurological Diseases
Aim: Evaluate the consilience between murine models and human disease, with an emphasis on neurological and psychiatric diseases that have high prevalence and burden.
Utrecht, The Netherlands, February 14 - 16, 2013  
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INCF Program on DBA: Increasing Community Adoption of WHS
Aim: Asses and review the current state of rodent atlasing and atlasing tools, and to within this context identify possible barriers to community adoption of the INCF-developed Waxholm Space and its underlying Digital Atlasing Infrastructure.
Stockholm, Sweden, December 13 - 14, 2012 
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1st INCF workshop on Development of a Community-Based Neuroscience Encyclopedia 
Aim: This encyclopedia should provide a semantically organized forum that is built on the latest appropriate technologies and resources for the neuroscience community to develop and maintain ontologies with clear definitions and links to relevant literature, data, models and other resources.
San Diego, United States, February 13 - 14, 2012
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INCF Program on MSM Workshop: From Cellular/Network Models to Tissue Simulation
Aim: Assess the current state of the field and available software infrastructure for tissue modeling from within the field of neuroscience and other fields in order to broadly define an outline of the development needed. The INCF will take the recommendations of this workshop to determine the need for subsequent actions and follow-up workshops, in order to direct future activities within the MSM Program, including the formation of new Program task force(s) as needed.
Stockholm, Sweden, May 31 - June 1, 2012 
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INCF Workshop on Multiscale Data Integration for Neuroinformatics
Aim: Share techniques and experiences from research groups working on whole brain data integration and modeling in different species. This includes issues including metadata annotation, standard vocabularies and ontologies, reference coordinate spaces and methods for performing analysis and data integration of large multiscale datasets. The outcome will help set the agenda for key developments in required standards and technologies to facilitate the integration of data in the fly, rodent and human brains.
Munich, Germany, September 9, 2012

1st INCF Workshop on Validation of Data-Analysis Methods
Objective: Using tested and proven methods and algorithms for data analysis is an essential prerequisite for reproducible research. For many types of data analysis in neuroscience, however, there are no established measures or test data for quality assessment and comparison of methods. In this two-day workshop, we investigated the needs for concerted efforts to address validation of other analysis methods for different types of data. 
Stockholm, Sweden, June 2012
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INCF Canadian Neuroinformatics Workshop - A satellite Symposium of the CAN 2012 Meeting
Objective: build the Canada neuroinformatics community, enabling Canadian scientists from diverse neuroinformatics-related fields to gather, exchange knowledge and discuss whether there was community desire for Canada to join the INCF.
Vancuver, Canada, May 2012
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INCF Lithuanian Workshop on Neuroscience and Information Technology
Objective: The aim of this workshop was to discuss the strategies for forming the Lithuanian Neuroinformatics Node and becoming a member of INCF. The workshop was organized by Dr. Aušra Saudargiene (Department of Informatics, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, and Faculty of Natural Sciences, Vilnius University, Lithuania) and INCF.
Kaunas, Lithuania, February 2012
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1st INCF Workshop on Cyberinfrastructure for neuroinformatics
Objective: INCF recently started efforts to establish a cyberinfrastructure for neuroinformatics, including federated filesystems and object models for sharing neuroscientific data, and standards for workflows. The goal of this workshop is to discuss the development of an international federated dataspace for large-scale heterogeneous data.
Stockholm, Sweden, December 2011
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1st INCF Workshop on Neuroinformatics in Genetic Animal Models for Brain Diseases
Objective: Discuss the use and benefits of applying neuroinformatics at each step of building, evaluating and using genetic animal models for human brain diseases. Participants include both neuroinformaticians and experimentalists, with representatives from the mouse/rodent, fly, zebrafish and non-human primate research communities.
Stockholm, Sweden, December 2009
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2nd and 3rd INCF Workshops on Needs for Training in Neuroinformatics: Extended and Short Course Provision
Theme: What are the issues arising when providing extended and short courses in neuroinformatics? How could the INCF facilitate training? In Workshop 2, delegates concentrated on developing the list of subject areas where neuroinformatics training is needed. In Workshop 3, there was discussion on both the stumbling blocks encountered when designing and running short courses and what new short courses are required. Ways in which INCF can be involved were identified, and specific recommendations on the coordination of existing material, validation of courses and funding of short training workshops were colllected and listed in this report.
Pilsen, Czech Republic, September 2009 & Edinburgh, United Kingdom, October 2009
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1st INCF Workshop on Time-Series Data: Analysis and Management
Objective: Given the tremendous technical progress in the acquisition of electrophysiological and other time series data, there is growing need for new and advanced methods to analyze, manage, and share these data. This workshop focused on the exploration of existing and upcoming standards, including data formats and best practices. It sought to identify challenges and discuss possible solutions, and will provide a report with recommendations to the INCF. 
Stockholm, Sweden, December 2008

1st INCF Workshop on Training in Neuroinformatics
Objective: Provide an overview of the current state of neuroinformatics training and to make recommendations for future training provisions. 
Edinburgh, UK, July 2008
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1st INCF Workshop on Sustainability for Neuroscience Databases
Objective: Discuss issues related to sustainability of neuroscience databases, to identify problems, to discuss solutions or approaches to these problems, and to formulate recommendations to the INCF. 
Stockholm, Sweden, December 2007
Download workshop report, also available from Nature Precedings (2008).

1st INCF Workshop on Neuroanatomical Nomenclature and Taxonomy 
Objective: Agree on a general strategy for developing a systematic, useful, and scientifically appropriate framework for neuroanatomical nomenclature. 
Stockholm, Sweden, September 2007
Download workshop report, also available from Nature Precedings (2008).

1st INCF Workshop on Global Portal Services for Neuroscience
Objective: Map out existing portal services for neuroscience, identify their features and future plans, and outline opportunities for synergistic developments. 
Stockholm, Sweden, September 2007
Download workshop report, also available from Nature Precedings (2008).

1st INCF Workshop on Neuroimaging Database Integration
Objective: Map existing neuroimaging databases, particularly databases containing primary data, and to identify mechanisms that could facilitate integrated use of such databases, including possible fusion of databases.
Stockholm, Sweden, August 2007
Download workshop report, also available from Nature Precedings (2008).

1st INCF Workshop on Mouse and Rat Brain Digital Atlasing Systems
Objective: Survey current activities and plans related to development of mouse and rat brain digital atlasing systems. 
Stockholm, Sweden, February 2007
Download workshop report, also available from Nature Precedings (2007).


1st INCF Workshop on Large-Scale Modeling of the Nervous System
Objective: Survey current demands and ongoing activities and plans relating to development of tools for scalable neural network simulations. 
Stockholm, Sweden, December 2006
Download workshop report, also available from Nature Precedings (2007).