Council for Training, Science and Infrastructure (CTSI)

The CTSI meets biannually to discuss and recommend INCF's strategic direction in relation to training, science and infrastructure.

The Council for Training, Science and Infrastructure, CTSI, is one of the governing bodies of INCF in its new organizational structure. It consists of scientific representatives from all INCF Nodes, and will have a permanent Training & Education Committee for developing strategy recommendations related to training and education in neuroinformatics. The CTSI informs INCF's choice of Strategic Action Areas, which serve as the focus for INCF's activities, and appoints from itself the review committee for INCF's seed funding program for supporting neuroinformatics collaborative projects.

In addition to Node representatives, the CTSI will also comprise independent external expertise, appointed to ensure broad perspectives are reflected in the strategy recommendations.

Upcoming meeting

2rd CTSI meeting
Oslo, Norway, May 31 - June 1, 2017

Co-located with the 2017 INCF Nodes Workshop

Past meeting

1st CTSI meeting
Reading, UK, September 5-6, 2016

The inaugural meeting for the CTSI, following Neuroinformatics 2016