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This is a listing of people with an interest in neuroinformatics.

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Last name First name Affiliation Country
Schubert Dirk Donders Inst., Radboud University Medical Clinics Nijmegen Netherlands
Dirk Schubert
Email: Phone:
+31 24 3615039 (Office)
Research Area(s): Computational neuroscience, Electrophysiology
Research focus: Structural and functional connectivity of neural networks in the rodent cortex with a focus on the somatosensory system employing electrophysiological and neuroanatomical in vitro approaches.
Verbeek Fons Leiden University, LIACS, Imaging & BioInformatics Netherlands
Email: Phone:
+31 71 527 5773 (Office)
Research Area(s): Computational neuroscience, Digital atlasing, Infrastructural and portal services
Research focus: Digital Atlasing, High throughput imaging, Zebrafish Imaging, Morphometrics
INCF activities: Digital Brain Atlasing | Digital Atlasing Infrastructure Task Force
Roerdink Jos University of Groningen Netherlands
Email: Phone:
+31-50-3633931 (Office)
Research Area(s): Neuroimaging
Research focus: The research group Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics is part of the Department of Mathematics and Computing Science of the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.  The group carries out research in the area of scientific visualization, information visualization, software visualization, multiscale shape analysis, illustrative computer graphics, and innovative interfaces using large displays. We apply our research to fundamental and practical problems from the life sciences (functional brain imaging, bioinformatics) and astronomy. The group participates in the research school Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience (BCN) and the Neuroimaging Center (NIC) of the University of Groningen and the University Medical Center Groningen.
Kötter Rolf Donders Inst. of Brain, Cognition and Behaviour Netherlands
Rolf Kötter
Email: Phone:
+31243614244 (Secretariat)
Research Area(s): Digital atlasing, Neuroimaging, Large scale modeling, Electrophysiology
Research focus: Connectivity of the primate brain
Van Pelt Jaap VU University Amsterdam, CNCR Netherlands
Jaap Van Pelt
Email: Phone:
+31 20 5987043 (Office)
+31 20 5987112 ()
Research Area(s): Computational neuroscience
Research focus: My research is focused on (i) modeling neuronal morphogenesis and network formation on the basis of principles of neural development, (ii) the reciprocal interaction between structuring of network connectivity and structuring of network firing dynamics state space, and (iii) analytical methodology to explore spatio-temporal patterns of firing from multielectrode recordings in cultured neuronal networks as states in a complex firing dynamics state space.
Hagen Espen Dept. Mathematichal Sciences and Technology, UMB Norway
Research Area(s): Computational neuroscience, Large scale modeling, Electrophysiology
Research focus: Modeling and analysis of Local Field Potentials
Papp Eszter Neural Systems and Graphics Computing Laboratory, University of Oslo Norway
Research Area(s): Digital atlasing, Neuroimaging
Research focus: Finalizing PhD project - Volumetric atlasing in the rodent brain: connecting experimental data to standard atlas space
Plesser Hans Dept. of Mathematical Sciences & Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences Norway
Hans E Plesser
Research Area(s): Computational neuroscience, Large scale modeling
Research focus: Simulator developement for large-scale network simulations (NEST). Methods for describing and documenting large-scale network models and simulations. Early visual pathway models.
Kriener Birgit IMT, Norwegian University of Life Sciences Norway
Birgit Kriener
Research Area(s): Computational neuroscience, Large scale modeling
Research focus: Simulation and analysis of the activity dynamics of complex networks of spiking neurons; rate models; synchronization in oscillator networks; pattern formation; graph theory; network reconstruction
Storm Johan Centre for Molecular Biology and Neuroscience (CMBN) and Dept of Physiology, IMB. University of Oslo Norway
Email: Phone:
+47 22851246 (Office)
+47 99295763 (Mobile)
Research Area(s): Computational neuroscience, Neuroimaging, Electrophysiology
Research focus: We use detailed compartmental models of neurons the mammalian brain, combined with experimental electrophysiology to study principles and mechanisms of electrical signaling in neurons & brain circuits
Bjaalie Jan University of Oslo Norway
Jan G Bjaalie
Email: Phone:
+47 917 87 901 (Mobile)
+47 22 85 10 45 (Fax)
Research Area(s): General neuroinformatics, Digital atlasing, Neuroimaging, Infrastructural and portal services
Research focus: Jan Bjaalie is Head of the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo, Norway, and Special Advisor to the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. He received his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees in 1986 and 1990, respectively, and was appointed Associate Professor at the University of Oslo in 1992 and full Professor in 1997. His research group joined the Centre for Molecular Biology and Neuroscience, a Norwegian Centre of Excellence appointed by The Research Council of Norway, in 2002. His laboratory has discovered fundamental principles of sensory map transformations in large projection systems of the brain and has performed novel regional and whole brain atlasing and histological mapping. The laboratory has used ‘gold standard’ anatomical methods in combination with computerized methods for visualization and quantitative analyses, electrophysiology, and in vivo imaging, for studying systems level organization in the brain. In the context of this research, the group has developed a variety of software, including tools for 3-D reconstruction and advanced visualization of neuronal organization as well as database applications for neuroanatomical image data. The tools and databases of the laboratory are made available via the Rodent Brain Workbench, Professor Bjaalie has been partner and coordinator of several EU funded projects and has collaborated extensively with leading laboratories in many countries. He serves on the board of several journals and is a member of the Neuroinformatics Committee of the Society for Neuroscience. He served as founding Executive Director of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility 2006 - 2008.
INCF activities: Digital Brain Atlasing | Oversight Committee
Dahl Svein University of Tromsø Norway
Email: Phone:
+47 776 44704 (Office)
+47 776 45300 (Fax)
Research Area(s): General neuroinformatics
Einevoll Gaute Mathematical Sciences and Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences Norway
Gaute T Einevoll
Email: Phone:
+4795124536 (Mobile)
+4764965433 (Office)
Research Area(s): Computational neuroscience
Research focus: Modelling and interpretation of extracellular potentials (LFP,MUA). Modelling of neurons and networks in early visual system (LGN, thalamocortical loop) and rat whisker system. Generic properties of cortical networks. Relationship between spike models and firing rate models. Neuron-glia interaction.
Specht Karsten University of Bergen Norway
Research Area(s): General neuroinformatics, Computational neuroscience, Neuroimaging, Large scale modeling, Clinical neuroscience
Research focus: My research is focusing on auditory perception, in particular speech perception and processing, investigated with fMRI and EEG and supplemented by modelling and connectivity analyses.
Tetzlaff Tom Norwegian University of Life Sciences Norway
Research Area(s): Computational neuroscience
Research focus: relation between network structure and dynamics relation between microscopic (spiking network models) and macroscopic network dynamics (population models)
Wójcik Daniel Nencki Institute of Experimental Research Poland
Daniel Wójcik
Email: Phone:
+48 22 5892424 (Office)
+48 22 8225342 (Fax)
Research Area(s): General neuroinformatics, Computational neuroscience, Digital atlasing, Electrophysiology, Infrastructural and portal services
Research focus: We are studying information processing in thalamo-cortico-thalamic loops in mammal sensory systems concentrating on the visual system of the cat and the somatosensory system of the rat. In particular we are interested in mechanisms of context-dependent modulation of information processing.   To achieve our goals we develop new methods of data analysis, test it on different models of the studied systems, and analyze the experimental data. We concentrate on analysis and modeling of electrophysiological data, both spike trains and local field potentials.
Durka Piotr University of Warsaw Poland
Piotr J Durka
Email: Phone:
48 22 6254535 (Secretariat)
Research Area(s): General neuroinformatics, Computational neuroscience, Brain machine interface, Electrophysiology, Infrastructural and portal services, Clinical neuroscience
Research focus: Methodological unification in EEG analysis. Brain-computer interfaces.
Leski Szymon Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology Poland
Research Area(s): General neuroinformatics
Research focus: Inferring neural activity from extracellular recordings
Wróbel Andrzej Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology Poland
Andrzej Wróbel
Email: Phone:
+48 22 5892 440 (Office)
+48 22 5892 440 (Fax)
Research Area(s): Electrophysiology
Research focus: Current research in the laboratory focuses on understanding dynamic operations within sensory systems of behaving animals. Using electrophysiological recording techniques and neuroinformatic methods for data analysis we are trying to correlate the activation of specific neuronal networks with its behavioral context. Five parallel projects are under investigation:   Current research activities    *   electrophysiological correlates of visual attention in cats - temporal analysis (frequency, phase and amplitude's envelope) of local field potentials registered from different parts of cat's thalamo-cortical system during behavioral task based on intermingled trials of delayed spatial discrimination of visual or auditory stimuli;  *   information processing in the cortico-thalamic part of the rat's somatosensory system - the role of primary and secondary sensory pathways in different behavioral situations; in vitro electrophysiological investigations of synaptic properties and cellular connections within the cortico-thalamic loop of rodent's somatosensory system;  *   the role of extrageniculate visual pathway in movement perception - electrophysiological and modeling investigations on the spatial and temporal properties of single units' receptive fields in the cat; coding of information in geniculate and extrageniculate visual pathways in the cat - electrophysiological and computational studies on temporal pattern of neuronal activity;  *   application of nonlinear and wavelet methods for time series analysis; theoretical studies of models of cortico-thalamic loops in visual and somatosensory systems; white-noise and information theoretical analysis of spike trains; development of new current source density techniques for the analysis of three dimensional data.  
Jędrzejewski-Szmek Zbigniew Institute of Experimental Physics Poland
Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek
Email: Phone:
Research Area(s): General neuroinformatics, Infrastructural and portal services
Research focus: Software for EEG signal reading and display.
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