Waxholm Space

The Waxholm Space (WHS) is a coordinate-based reference space that is intended to encourage interoperability between existing and future mouse data resources.

  • Developed from high resolution MR and Nissl stain image stacks
  • Allows mapping and registration of neuroanatomical data in the mouse brain
  • Provides translations among other mouse brain atlases

The Waxholm Space (WHS) atlas acts as the hub of an infrastructure connecting data and key reference spaces. Reference atlases that have been mapped to this space are “standardized” and can be used to share their associated data and services in a manner that is meaningful to external users. 

Clockwise from upper left, resources may include neuroanatomic reference atlases, large-scale gene expression databases, developmental databases, MRI and DTI imaging, histological data, analysis tools, online applications, and other 3-D anatomic models.

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